Identify Customer Segments

Identify customers segments based upon entry points. The Revelator allows you to identify specific organic keywords, PPC, email, social,referring websites, or direct entry. In addition, track your campaigns or unique UTM parameters. Over time, this information provides site interaction and conversion differences based upon these unique identifiers forming the foundation for tracking the ROI of your campaigns and identifying unique opportunities within your customer base.

Map Customer Engagement

Leveraging our advanced knowledge of customer engagement, the Revelator helps you identify how customers are using your site. Identify trends and anomalies as users interact with the site. Reveal why some customers buy and some don’t and harness that knowledge to increase customer engagement, client satisfaction, and sales.

Keep an Eye on your Competition

Gain insight into your competitors, determine traffic patterns, identify trends, add spend estimates, and see ad content. Track up to 3 competitors at a time, and view historical trends for 12 months.

Monitor for Marketplace Pitfalls

The Revelator s early warning system watches your domains in real time for trend changes in conversions, traffic, entry points, competitors, and other key metrics.

Scope out new Marketplace Opportunities

Track the ROI of marketing campaigns and identify new opportunities from high converting segments that can be expanded to increase sales and drive new sales channels.

Your Future lies in the Accuracy of Your Outlook.
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Revelator Express
  • Track Site Traffic by Segment
  • In Depth Analysis of 1 Competitor
  • Monitor 1 conversation Pathway
  • Analyze Visitor Interaction
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Track Site Traffic by Segment
  • In Depth Analysis of 3 Competitor
  • Monitor 3 conversation Pathway
  • Analyze Visitor Interaction
  • Keyword Analysis
Phase I Planning  Our team of experts will review and assist you to determine strategic focus, identify customer profiles, develop customer segmentation, and create site goals and action items to drive your business forward
Phase II Develop Continuous Improvement Plan  Once your strategic roadmap is complete our team can work with you to monitor your key performance metrics developed and tracked through our toolsets and develop solutions to the opportunities and threats uncovered.
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Examining the Amazon Model to Drive Disruption in your Industry

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