Finding the Right Something

Our View of the Past Defines our Future.

Do you know what decisions influence your current business direction? To answer that question, let’s take a look at science (It’ll be reasonably painless, I promise). Newton’s first law tells us that Objects in motion stay in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Simply put, your business goals will likely continue on the same path unless something acts to change it. How do you know what is a business changing event and what isn’t? The answer to that all important question lies in the past.

Revisionist History, It’s all a Matter of Perspective

Which picture is real? Was the moon landing cooked up on a secret Hollywood set, or was it a real event changing the course of history? Did you know almost 1 in 10 people today sincerely believe the moon landing was fake? How is it that something as visible and documented as the moon landing can be in question?

The answer lies in Revisionist History. Revisionist History is the writing of history through the lens of the viewer. We all do it every day. We view history through the facts that we have. In the matter of the moon landing, three things are true:

  • There is an absolute truth in this case there was a moon landing
  • My understanding of the moon landing through the facts I have doesn’t change the reality
  • I will make a choice on how to respond to the event, and that choice has real consequences

In the case of the moon landing, those consequences are relatively meaningless. In the case of your business, a poor historical lens could affect your ability to compete or even exist in the marketplace.

Your business strategy, forecast, and customer engagement strategy are based upon how you view the daily events in your business. Just like the moon landing discussion, the understanding of events and decisions made are based upon the depth and accuracy of your information. If that information is flawed or incomplete, the resulting decisions could be disastrous.

I would strongly encourage you to take a moment to review your business strategy with your team and discuss what your frame of reference is. Do you have accurate information, or like the moon landing scenario, are you viewing your business through a distorted historical lens?

Always be the Smartest Guy in the Room

With the importance of perspective firmly at hand, we must turn our eyes to understanding what data is important, how to evaluate the veracity, and how to interpret what to do with that data. Over the next few weeks, on the 7 Summit Solutions connections blog, we will be diving into these questions and their answers. Don’t want to wait? We are experts in Customer Engagement Modeling and the resulting analytics and marketing strategy. Send us an email at We’d love to learn more about you.